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ÖGPath Frühjahrstagung 2020 (11.-12.Sept.2020)

Hallo, Gast

Case 2 (E21066-20)

Diagnostic excision right breast

Clinical details

62 years old lady

Medical history:

One week ago vacuum-assisted biopsy left breast, upper outer quadrant (10:00) to assess a 10mm group of granular and pleomorphic microcalcifications.
Microcalcifications completely removed
Result: B3 lesion

Multidisciplinary team conference recommendation based on the biopsy result:
indication for diagnostic excision of the area surrounding the biopsy target area.

Excisional specimen right breast, upper outer quadrant

Mamillary-peripheral 35 mm, cranial-caudal 35 mm, ventral-dorsal 40 mm with a central wire mark.
After slicing from mammillary to peripheral detection of the biopsy cavity in the 4th + 5th slice with clip marking in the 5th slice.  Rough elastic area in the area surrounding the biopsy cavity with a maximum extension ventral-dorsal 15 mm. The distances to the 6 resection edges are > 5 mm each.

(the histological slide is from the 5th slice)